Number two on the list is to reuse items. Can you reuse something that you thought was previously depleted? How about putting small items in an old jar as an example?


Number three on the list is to recycle items that can no longer be used. When items cannot be reused, make sure they still serve a purpose and get turned into something useful again.


Number one on the list is to reduce use of resources whenever possible. Do you really need the latest and greatest, or will the old product still get the job done? believes good stewardship of our planet is everyone’s responsibility. This site is dedicated to environmental improvements and making our planet a nicer place to live.


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One idea is to look for products that use less packaging. This can be choosing products packaged in cardboard boxes rather than bubble packaging or better yet, buying frequently purchased items in bulk packaging.

Buy used products rather than new. Great sources for used products are flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops. Another simple idea is to take your own reusable grocery bags to the supermarket when you shop.

When making purchasing decisions, look for products that can be recycled easily. Typically, this includes paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. Also try to choose products that have been manufactured with recycled materials.